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Our Story

Nomad started as a crazy idea to infuse our passion for food with the love of sharing our experiences. So we thought, “what better way to do this than signing up for local festivals and markets to spread our enthusiasm. While we are at it, why not develop a website as well?” Easy right?

Well, after months of searching, sourcing and developing (so much for the “easy”), we are proud to bring the most unique ingredients from around the world direct to your kitchen!

We believe that anyone can create gourmet masterpieces right at home. All it takes is a leap of faith, a bit of daring and of course, the right ingredients to master the pan. Yes! You can prepare mouth-watering meals in your own kitchen as delicious as you can find in eateries around the world for a fraction of the price. Plus, it’s just plain fun to experiment with new flavors, regional cooking and ethnic dishes while listening to your favorite tunes and sipping your favorite beverage. Now, that’s what we call relaxing!

So a little bit about us. We are Rob and Cynthia; both ardent epicureans. Rob, yeah, he’s the more technical, meticulous type of chef who prides himself on the organization of his work area. Cynthia, not so much. Her experiments often lead to a tidal wave of dishes. Regardless of the approach, the results always lead to great taste!

We love trying new flavors, creating new recipes and using our guests as guinea pigs! It really is a blast to hold court in the kitchen with family and friends.

So, be a Nomad! Let your hair down, lose your inhibitions and explore the kitchen to bring out your inner culinarian…

So Who Are We?

We are your online source for the most unique, exotic and hard to find ingredients for all of your cooking, baking and culinary needs. Imagine open air markets filled with colorful and alluring spices, Spanish fields emblazoned with delicate saffron crocus flowers, olive oils pressed by the farmers of the Peloponnese and the Bourbon region of Madagascar where beautiful Vanilla Orchids are delicately cultivated to produce vanilla beans bursting with intoxicating aroma. Make life an adventure and explore new flavors with ingredients sourced from all regions of Mother Earth.

Nomad Spice Co. has what you need! Spend less time searching for ethnic herbs and spices and more time enjoying your culinary journey and discovering a new zest for food.


Spice Market

Some say that variety is the spice of life. But at Nomad, we think spices bring variety to life. So, add a little variety to your life with our collection of regional herbs & spices.


Chili Powders

Wander the Trail of Fire with us & discover the world of chiles! This unique fruit puts fire on your tongue and tear to the eye, yet cuisines around the world embrace it.


Exotic Teas

Creating art inspires us, lifts our spirits & brings warm thoughts to our minds. Tea is artful from its cultivation to the ceremony that surrounds its intake.


Estate Olive Oils

The delicate oil from olives has been revered for millennia. Family owned orchards combine tradition with ancient varietal olives to create our superb Estate EVOO.

Why Travel with Us?