What Are Butterfly Pea Flowers?

What Is the Butterfly Pea Flower?

So, you consider yourself a Tea Aficionado? You’ve fiddled with high grade Matcha, you’ve created the perfected ratio of spices for your Chai. But there’s a tea you probably haven’t come across that’s taking the tea world by storm. Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. This enticing tea is hitting American shelves and people just can’t get enough! Made from dried Butterfly or “Blue” Pea Flowers, the reason Butterfly Pea Flower tea is making such a splash is because it has some fascinating qualities. Once hot water is added to the flowers, the deep blue liquid creates an amazingly earthy flavored tea. But that’s not all. The tea changes color based on the pH level of whatever is added next. Squeeze in some lemon or add in a bit of citrus juice, and the blue changes From blue, to purple, to a pretty pinkish hue. Its mood ring-like qualities have made Butterfly Pea Flower tea a hit with anyone who enjoys a little whimsy in their life.

The “Mood-Ring” of Tea

History of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Native to Southeast Asia where it is used in teas and as a natural food dye, the butterfly pea flower is found in a number of traditional recipes from Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. For centuries, these power-packed flowers have been used for hair and scalp health in ancient types of shampoo.

Today, Butterfly Pea Flowers, or Clitoria Ternatea, are very popular in tea, herbal blends, and many exotic culinary applications! It is this color-changing characteristic that makes the butterfly pea flower a trending ingredient to use in culinary applications and is revolutionizing the world of mixology, with bartenders adding it to drinks to add beautiful layers of color.

Thanks to social platforms such as Instagram and food blogs, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is becoming the latest trend among tea & food connoisseurs alike.

Nasi Kerabu (Traditional Malaysian Blue Rice Bowl)

Health Benefits of the Butterfly Pea Flower

These cool little flowers contain no caffeine, making the tea enjoyable at any time of the day. But that’s not all… the Butterfly Pea Flower is packed with anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant, boasts anti-inflammatory properties, promotes anti-aging, and supports brain health.

Easy to use, the tea is made by infusing dried butterfly pea flowers into hot water. Once the flowers are steeped in hot water, they release their brilliant blue color, hence the nickname “Blue Tea”.

Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

Quick Questions

How do we like to drink our Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?
Our favorite is to make the tea and serve it cold with a little bit of lemon juice.

Straight or Sweet?
You can add some honey or other sweetener if you like, but we don’t.

Are they expensive?
Not at all…We offer a variety of pack sizes to choose from. Also, our partners in Thailand ensure that our flowers are dried to the point where you can actually get 2 cups of tea with the same flowers!

Where can you buy Butterfly Pea Flowers?
Well that’s easy! Nomad Spice Co. We import our flowers directly from Thailand – no middle-man. Since we are the importer, our flowers are always in stock!

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