Simple. We Tirelessly Explore for You 

You have a choice, and we appreciate that. Knowing you have made it to this page, we’re grateful that you have joined us on this quest for flavors. Because of you, we can continue to search for extraordinary products to bring to your pantry. We don’t just talk the talk, we “trek” the culinary spirit. Our greatest desire is to share our travels with you.

Our mission is not to just sell you ingredients (of course that helps). Our passion is to share what we believe to be the highest quality culinary ingredients with our foodie friends. Whether we source commonplace items, or distinctive flavors from other parts of the world, the products we offer are the only ingredients we use in our kitchen.

During our search, we have be fortunate to meet and make connections with people from around the world, allowing us to share small harvests and estate products that most people will never experience. As our trek continues, we promise to share all of our discoveries with you, our “Culinary Culprits”.

Thank you for allowing us to continue this journey and for your faith in our palates.

Come Travel With Us!